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Feed Device

A liquid feed pipe is a device for feeding liquid to a distributor or redistributor. Each feed area is used to lower the rate of liquid flow incoming from the feed pipe, to prevent an excessive unstable liquid flow inside the dis- tributor, and to maintain horizontal liquid flow.

Generally, this pipe is attached to the inside flange of an internal column, and supported by the tower wall clip.

A submerged feed pipe maintains a constant liquid temperature in the distributor, and this is also used when more a compact design is required.


A distributor, installed at the upper part of the bed, does the job that the liquid should be distributed evenly over the bed. There are three types of distributors, namely the gravity type, the flashing type, and the spray type.

Theoretically, a spray type distributor can lead to more even distribution, but some problems like plugging. For this reason, a gravity type distributor is more commonly used.

According to the operating conditions, a wide range of gravity flow distributor designs will be provided including the orifice deck type, the through type, the notched type. etc.

A flashing feed distributor aims to distribute and absorb the forces exerted by the incoming feed, not to evenly distribute the liquid. The common types of flashing feed distributors are the baffle type and the gallery type.

Bed Limiter

A bed limiter is used to prevent the packing from moving or breaking away from the bed by severe gas flux caused during operation after the inside of the tower is filled with packing. The common types of bed limiters are the mesh type used for random packing, and the plate type used for structured packing. A hold-down plate is used for ceramic packing or carbon packing.

Support Plate

A support plate has a function to physically support the weight of the packing, and free areas should be designed to have vapor and liquid evenly distributed.

The common types of support plates are the gas injection type used for random packing, and the support grid type used for structured packing.

Collector Plate

Positioned between packed beds, a liquid collector is used to keep overflowing liquid moving down the tower to the total draw-off or partial draw-off, and more generally for liquid collection for liquid mixing.